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Car Rental Requirements in Kenya

Car hire in Kenya has always been hideously expensive and with lots of terms and conditions as well as disclaimers and that has not changed despite the great differentiation in the market. If you are not looking for a great deal of flexibility, you can use Uber or Taxify to get from point A to B cheaply. However, if you want a car that you can use flexibly and even use to drive out of town, then you will have to grapple with numerous car rental options in the market.

Car Hire in Kenya

However, you don’t have to use the traditional car rental companies that charge upwards of Ksh.6000 or $60 per day. You can also hire cars from individual Kenyans or smaller car hire companies at a much cheaper price if you know where to look. If you are looking for this option, please drop us a message below:-

Typical Car Rental Requirements in Kenya

Some of the requirements needed to hire a car in Kenya include the following:-

The Minimum Age: Most Kenyan car rental companies require that the renters have a minimum age of 25 and a maximum age of 75. There are some I have seen that a lower minimum age of 23.  If you are below this age, you may not rent a car at all or you may only rent certain categories of cars such as the “Economy” car hire options or cars with shorter wheelbase. If your age lies within certain brackets such as 21-24 or 70-75, you may incur additional daily charges depending on the rental company.

Driving License: Most car hire companies will require that you must have held your driving license for at least 24 months. However, there are a few rental company that only impose a 12 month threshold for your driving license.

Fuel Policy: Some car hire companies in Kenya will give you vehicles with a full tank at the time of pick up and you must return the vehicle with a full tank at the end of the rental.  Some, on the other hand, give you the car with fuel that will only take you to the nearest filling station and you can return it empty. Read the car hire policy of the car rental company you are planning to use for additional information.

Crossing Borders: Inquire with your car rental company on their policy of crossing borders. You will usually need written permission to cross the border with rented car. Additional fees may also apply if you are planning to cross the border with the vehicle. For a smooth experience, make sure you inform the Kenyan car hire company in advance if you are planning to cross the borders with your car.

Car Rental Agreement: You will be given a rental agreement to sign at the time of collecting the car. Make sure that you read it carefully and understand all the clauses before signing.

Damages on the vehicle: While all cars are generally insured , many car hire companies will charge you an extra fee if you damage any part of the vehicle. You may also have to pay for damages or theft that are not covered by the insurance such as tyres, glasses, windscreens, tools etc.

Distance and Time: A single day of rental is generally counted as 24 hours. If you exceed the rental duration as specified in the rental agreement, almost all car rental companies are going to charge you extra fee per hour or per day over the specified duration.

Payment Terms: Car rental companies offer multiple payment options including Visa, MasterCard, MPESA,  AMEX or even cash.

Price: For the traditional or “legacy” car hire companies in Kenya, expect a minimum price of Ksh.6000 or Ksh.8000 per day plus additional charges such as insurance if you will stay within a specified mileage. For example, some car rental companies impose a mileage cap of 500km per week. If you exceed this, you will pay an additional cost charged per km. Luxury cars have an even lower mileage cap per day or per week. A luxury car may for example have a maximum mileage cap of 50km per day.  While most car hire companies state that they offer “unlimited mileage”, this limitless mileage is most likely capped so make sure you make inquiries about the mileage caps.

Car Hire Tips in Kenya

There are many reasons why car hire still provides the best option to experience Kenya. The East African country is relatively huge with many cities located hundreds of kilometers from one another. Besides, Kenyan taxis do not provide the best way to travel around town due to lack of taxi meters to regulate coast and the fact that many of the cars might not be well maintained and might pose an accident risk. The Kenyan public transport sector is a chaotic mess and might not necessarily suit a traveler looking for some piece and safety while in Nairobi. Renting a Car with any of the major car rental firms therefore provides the best option to travel around this vast country. If you are looking for car rental services for your Kenyan visit, it is important to put the following factors into consideration to ensure you are not just booking with the best and most professional car hire companies, but you are also enjoying various cost advantages.

 Book Early
The best way to plan your safari well is book early for car rental in Kenya. Early booking gives you several advantages during car hire. Booking early enables you to enjoy the low prices and receive your confirmation in advance. When visiting Kenya, ensure that you have your major credit cards Visa and MasterCard with you which are the only major credit cards accepted at car rental locations in Kenya. Early booking will also enable your Kenyan Car Hire company to make early arrangements for pickup at the airport and service your car early enough ready for you when you land in Nairobi or Mombasa. With early booking, you can enjoy very low fare offers and promotions for your car rental too.

Verify the Cost
It is important to confirm the cost of rental including insurance, surcharges, cross border travel, out of hours return, airport pickup amongst others when you are renting a car. There are two major types of car rental companies in Kenya-the global brands such Avis, Sixt, Budget, EuropCar amongst others and the local Kenyan car rental brands such as Central Rent-A-Car and AfricaPoint.  While many of the global car rental companies in Kenya have a complex pricing that comes with lots of surcharges and additional costs, the local car rental brands typically have a much simpler all inclusive pricing. You will generally be given a car with a full fuel tank and it is important to return the car in the same condition in order to avoid fuel surcharges.
Condition of the car


The last thing you need during your drive in Kenya is getting a breakdown in the middle of nowhere. Renting with any of the major car hire companies in Kenya will certainly guarantee you top quality service together with relatively affordable breakdown assistance. Read in between the lines to understand the level of support that would be offered by your car rental company in case of breakdowns.


Additional Details on Car Hire in Kenya

  • Ensure that you have your driving license at all times when driving.
  •  Keep left when driving and observe basic road safety rules.
  • If you are visiting Kenya for the first time, ensure that you have a GPS device.
  • Inquire about cross border driving charges. This normally varies from one car rental company to another. Amongst the global car rental brands, the cost is between $300 to $500. The local car rental companies however will charge lower fees for cross border driving.  Cross border driving in Kenya is allowed only from Kenya to Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda.


Car Hire in Kenya

As anyone who has travelled on Kenyan roads will tell you, you are better off behind your own wheels. You will be in a position to institute your own safety measures and also have the flexibility to travel at your own convenience and pace. The Kenya public travel sector is one of the mot chaotic in Africa and is often called the “Matatu Menace”, due to the large vans, Matatus, that ply many of the Kenyan roads. With your own hired car, you can avoid the chaos  travel safely and in peace around many of the Kenyan roads.

Avis is one of the major car hire companies in Kenya

Whether you are looking for budget car rental options or you are planning to get behind the wheels on the Kenyan roads in a luxury SUV, there is definitely something for everyone amongst the major car rental brands in Kenya. The main car rental companies in Kenya include Budget Car Rental, Avis Car Rental, Hertz Car Rental, Auto Europe Car Rental, Sixt Car Rental, Central Rent a Car, Zoom Rent a Car and much more car hire options.

The giant global car rental brands are certainly the most expensive car hire companies in the country but also provide some of the best services in car rental in Nairobi. Their services are typically very professional and they only allow payment via credit card. All the major car rental brands also allow cross border driving into Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda. Cross border driving into Ethiopia, Somalia and South Sudan is not permitted for security reasons. Cross border driving from Kenya into other countries typically comes with fees ranging from $300 to $465 depending on the class of the car. One way car rentals is available amongst the major car rental brands although small car rental companies do not provide car rental services.

There are various cities in Kenya with international or regional airports where you can get affordable car rental services. Car hire services at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport is Nairobi is provided by Avis Car Rental, Budget Car Rental, Sixt Car Rental, Auto Europe, EuropeCar together with many other smaller companies. Services are typically excellent.

In the Coastal City of Mombasa, Car Hire Services at the Mombasa Airport is provided by Sixt Car Rental,  Avis Rent a Car, EuropeCar, Hertz Car Rental, and many other smaller car rental companies with excellent services. In the Western Kenyan City of Kisumu, Car Rental is provided by Budget Car Rental together with smaller car rental companies that have excellent services and good pricing.

Car rental in Kenya is available for varying duration including hourly, daily, weekly or monthly car rentals. Many of the major car hire companies will demand CDW and Theft Protection insurance before renting a car with them. 

Kisumu Car Rental

Kisumu Car Hire provides you the perfect way to explore the Kisumu area and travel around the greater Nyanza area, Western Kenya and the Rift valley provinces of western Kenya. Kisumu International Airport is the main gateway to the Western Kenyan region and is served by various local airlines including Kenya Airways, Jetlink Express and Fly540. The Airport is the third busiest and handles an estimated 300,000 passengers every year and the most popular route is the Nairobi Kisumu Route served by Kenya Airways, Jetlink Express and Fly 540. Direct Kisumu Mombasa Flights are still not available.There are several car rental companies in Kisumu that offer services at the Kisumu International Airport and in the main Kisumu City Centre including global car rental giants like the Budget Car Rental. Car Rental Prices typically range from an all inclusive Ksh.3000 per day to the costlier option of Global Car Rental companies that come with insurance, CDW and Theft Protection together with young driver surcharges.

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Active Car Hire Nairobi

Active Car Rental Nairobi provides a broad range of car rental options to suit the requirements of many travelers and traveling groups in Kenya. It is an integrated travel company that provides services including car hire, conference transfers, airport transfers, chauffeur drive car hire service in Nairobi, Missionary Car hire Nairobi, Project Car rental Nairobi, In-bound and Out-bound tour operations, hotel reservations in Nairobi, rail bookings, museum tours, hot balloon excursions in the Maasai Mara, SCUBA diving excursions, Rent a Guide Services in Nairobi, bus hire and minivan hire for group tours in Kenya and much more.With Active Car Rental Nairobi Services, you can enjoy services such as breakdown assistance services, booking of car rental in Nairobi without cancellation fees, price guarantees and unlimited mileages at very low cost. Check out Active Car Rental Website for additional informal on budget car rental services in Nairobi.

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