Kenya Airways Baggage Allowance

Kenya Airways Baggage Allowance Exceptions

Kenya Airways has a baggage allowance policy that varies from route to route. For international routes, both intra Africa and outside Africa, the airline offers a more generous baggage allowance. For domestic flights, however, passengers generally face restrictions both in the number of luggage and the weight of the luggage. However, there are some exceptions when it comes to the Kenya Airways baggage allowance policy. These include the following:-


  • Passengers travelling on Kenya Airways from Jeddah in Saudi Arabia are allowed to carry a single free bottle of Holy Water. The maximum capacity allowed is 5 litres. The bottle of Holy Water must be sealed using a plastic covering so as to prevent leakage. The airline offers no liabilities on Holy Water so you cannot file claims in case it is lose or damaged. To ensure ease of handling, the airline allows a maximum weight of each piece of luggage of only 32Kg or 70lbs. The total dimensions of the luggage should not exceed 158cm or 62 inches in either the length, the width or the height.


  • Under special authorizations or conditions, passengers may be allowed to bring on board non regular items such as motorized wheelchairs or even special sporting equipment. This may be accepted as checked baggage even if they exceed 32kgs. Bags originating from Bangkok, Dubai, Guangzhou or Hong Kong must have dimensions not exceeding 180cm or 71 inches on the length, width or height.


  • Apart from the cabin baggage allowance, if you will be travelling with an infant, you will be entitled to a single collapsible stroller as well as a car seat free of charge.


  • A passenger travelling on Kenya Airways who is incapacitated is allowed to carry a single wheelchair or any other mobility device free of charge.


  • Where interline traffic or codeshare traffic is involved, the actual allowance may change and the Kenya Airways baggage allowance terms may not necessarily apply.


  • Any free baggage allowance applied will be indicated on your airline ticket or in the Departure Control System.


For additional inquiries on its baggage allowance, please get in touch with the Kenya Airways Customer Service.

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