Kenya Airline Charter Services: Boskovic Air Charters

 Boskovic has become an East African institution, and are used by all of the regions’ established Safari companies.

In addition, Boskovic Air Charters handle freight, photographic flights, aerial surveys, and provide aid, emergency and relief flying services.

Whether it’s changing travel plans or special client requests, Boskovic Air Charters will provide service made to order.Throughout East Africa, Boskovic is a byword for the best in the charter business.

The Air Charter Services company has an impressive history and Yugoslavian roots. Read more about Boskovic history here

Tel: +254 020 6002026 / 6006364 / 6006432 /6000741/ 6000802.
CABLES: FAX: +254 020 6009619

Additional Contact Details    
0733-600208 0722-203852    
(254-20) 606364, 606432, 601341, 600802, 600741, 602026
254-20-609619     PO Box 45646 00100 GPO, Nairobi, Kenya

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